Monday, October 6, 2008

Zig-Zag'n N.C.

I'm home!

Last week Davey and I went to Charlotte to the Ford training school.
They require this ever so often.
His class was Mon-Fri. from 9-5.
This was extremely technical stuff!!
Blew my mind day after day....and I am smarter than the average bear.
After a long week of trial and spiritual warfare.....Davey passed the test! PTL.

I spent the dayz in a hotel room reading and watching movies.
Got a new book while there that I highly recommend.
"Three Cups of Tea" By: Greg Mortinson and David Oliver Relin.

Our hotel was very near the Douglas International Airport.
I love to fly and love to watch planes coming and going!
That was fun.

Davey had never eaten at a Cracker Barrel!?!
All these years I have kept telling him how much he would love the place.
It is right up his alley in every way!
Well, there was one directly across the street from our we ate there three out of five nights.
I suspect he will be frequenting the one closest to his job from here on.

The leaves have only barely begun to change here.
If it had been later in October the trip down to Charlotte would have been extraordinary in colors,but was still nice.

The trip home was full of evening traffic as we did not get out of his class until four o'clock.
We arrived home a bit after 8 p.m. I literally came in the front door and went right back out the rear door to join Gabe in yet another road trip to Topsail Island.
There we joined The J's for a week-end beach trip.
They took the boat and it was lovely!
No dogs. No phones ringing. No obnoxious neighbors partying into the wee hours.
Just peace and quiet.
We stayed in the police chiefs cottage.
A pretty place.

I rode home with The J's and we returned around 8:30 last night to a very happy pair of bull dogs!
I am glad to be back home now.
I will see the surgeon tomorrow morning for a pre-op.
Need to have the lypomna tumor from under my arm removed.
Then on to the Endocrinologist.......

Josh and Duke are training with drugs this week.
Officer Duke is a very smart canine and is working out very well except he is a bit dog aggressive.
The other dog...a Belgium Mali nous bit Josh in the leg during Fridays training session! Oh,well....just goes with the territory.
This dog was bought from Holland and just arrived last Thursday.
Good dog!

Jonna had her monthly check-up with the Ob/Gyn this a.m.
She said that late Saturday night..while laying in bed....."Baby Girl" kicked the mess out of her!!! LOL But, Josh was asleep...Ofcourse.
Plenty time left for him to see/feel that.
I can hardly wait to meet her face-to-face,but have much to do to prepare for her arrival.