Saturday, November 29, 2008

Forty-Six with a nest of stix!

Talk about times of change.........
As I mentioned before today is my 46th birthday
and it is also the day that my baby boy,Gabriel...actually age 23

He is very excited and has planned it all out very well over the past few months.
He will move closer to work and in a nice,new house.
I support his decision 100% as he needs his own place now.
But, I'd be lie'n if I said it isn't hard for me.
I have known for quite some time now that I've been living on borrowed time.....
where having Gabe still at home with me is concerned.

He did give me the sweetest card this morning.....because he is the sweetest son ever! But, then...Josh is too.

Now I will experience the "empty nest syndrome" I suppose.
Just another stage in life....

Though it won't be too long now before G-Baby Girl comes onto the scene!

Now begs the question,"What to do with all the extra space!!????!!!"

It hit me too.....that tonight will be the very first night in mine and Do's entire MARRIED LIFE that we will actually live at home alone! JUST THE TWO OF US!
Since Joshua was six months old when we got married.
I used to Pure-T "dream" about the day that we would have our home all to ourselves.
Now it seems so much different than my very young mind imagined all those years ago.
Twenty-six next be exact.


Gardenia said...

Lots in this post! First though - HAPPY BIRTHDAY - the Lord dances over you and smiles at Himself as he views his art work and says, "Well done!"

That being said, yes, this is our first time of being alone in a house too. Joc left at age 33 - whooo. It leaves an empty hole that needs to be adjusted to and choices made on how to fill it no matter how old they are. It is good they find their own lives, but hard for us to remember to pray and not worry.

Remember we talked of one leaving, and one arriving - the rythym of life, yes?

I pray you and DO find a richness and newness in your marriage and a new delight in one another!

Of course, there are the pets...tee hee....I
NEVER in a million years thought I would catch C. curled up in bed with Psycho cat, giving him a magnetic rubdown.

Have a great day!

Babe said...

Your comment made me cry....

LeighAnn20_08 said...

You are the sweetest "adopted mother" in the world. We did have an awesome time, didn't we! That was definitely a night to remember! But I love you the very MOST!

Babe said...

I love you the VERY,VERY MOST!

Gardenia said...

So how's it going post BD, Anniversary, and Empty Nest? Egad.