Saturday, November 29, 2008

Forty-Six with a nest of stix!

Talk about times of change.........
As I mentioned before today is my 46th birthday
and it is also the day that my baby boy,Gabriel...actually age 23

He is very excited and has planned it all out very well over the past few months.
He will move closer to work and in a nice,new house.
I support his decision 100% as he needs his own place now.
But, I'd be lie'n if I said it isn't hard for me.
I have known for quite some time now that I've been living on borrowed time.....
where having Gabe still at home with me is concerned.

He did give me the sweetest card this morning.....because he is the sweetest son ever! But, then...Josh is too.

Now I will experience the "empty nest syndrome" I suppose.
Just another stage in life....

Though it won't be too long now before G-Baby Girl comes onto the scene!

Now begs the question,"What to do with all the extra space!!????!!!"

It hit me too.....that tonight will be the very first night in mine and Do's entire MARRIED LIFE that we will actually live at home alone! JUST THE TWO OF US!
Since Joshua was six months old when we got married.
I used to Pure-T "dream" about the day that we would have our home all to ourselves.
Now it seems so much different than my very young mind imagined all those years ago.
Twenty-six next be exact.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Friday After........

Today is the day after Thanksgiving!
It was fun,but am happy to have it behind us now.

And what an exciting week it has been for me.......
First of all,Do had to go back to Charlotte this week for more school with Ford.
You would think that a master technician with 35 years under his belt would not be required to endure such nonsense,but NOOOOO that's Ford for 'ya.
gotta keep up with that stupid paperwork.
I stayed behind this go 'round as there was another fellow that needed to travel with Davey.
A nutt case. and I am being quite kind here!
It is really funny how he pushed each and every button Davey has to his name and he had to take it all in stride. Way to go,Do!

Meanwhile, back on the home front....
I invited Leigh-Ann { my adopted daughter} to spend the night with me and my two dogz. Allowing her the freedom to bring her own canine bitch,"Lady."
Lady is a doberman/german shepherd mix and LA has done a remarkable job in obedience training with her.
Josh even came by to eat the lasagna I cooked for him and brought Duke.
Josh was even impressed as to how well LA has done with training Lady. And considering that is what he does...he would know.
They were a delight to have.
This is not something that could be "pulled off" had Do been home So, I took advantage of the situation and oh,what a "Three Dog Night!"
LA and I shared a lovely bottle of wine and just spent some good ole quality time together while she is off school for the holidayz.
A time rarely spent since the days that she lived with us many years ago.
I am so proud of the fine young woman she is and still strives to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She will make some fine young man a wonderful mate one day......though I doubt anyone but my baby son will be good enough for her! Too bad....they are cousins.
Something we had no clue of when we first met! That story yet to be written.

Soooooo Tuesday afternoon LA left to be with her "real" family. They were headed to their beach home for TG.
I thought it would be a good idea to have Ellie-Mae over for the night....since she had yet to meet "Poe-Poe" and Do was away still.
This would give me a chance to socialize them all while not racking Do's nerves too severely.
Sooooo I go pick up Ellie and bring her here....a 2 mile trip both ways.
The very second that she walks in the door and she and Poe-Poe see one another....
It was the funniest thing ever.
The only irritating factor was that I was exhausted from long night before with LA and was desperate to rest.....all the while Poe-Poe is trying to mate with Ellie!
This went on for three hours before I finally got them to settle down for the night.
Once they got past that...the next a.m. they played with smiles on faces until both were literally exhausted.
Another "Three Dog Night!"
Then,ofcourse, Wednesday is cook-off time......
Davey didn't get back until 9 P.M. As Charlotte is 3 hours away and that day being the very busiest travel day of the year.
I cooked the turkey for the family gathering and had it ready around 1:00 a.m.Along with some homemade cranberry sauce that rocked...if I must say so,myself!
Davey had retired around 11:30 and since I was still cooking and quite "wired" by now....I decided to phone my sister,Becky, in San Francisco. Something I never tire of being able to do!!
We talked an hour or two.....

Now, today is the black Friday craze that for soooooo many years I was caught up in.
My daddy,Laura,{my litle sis} and me would venture out at the crack of dawn { unlike those who camp outside the stores these dayz} and off we went to "shop 'till we drop"
calling ourselves,"Cash,Check and Charge!"
Daddy had a tendency to be very rude to anyone in his path and loved to spend money.
The short version is that he ruined any chance of me ever enjoying shopping again after his death in 2000.
And you could not pay be any amount of money to go out there and shop today!
So, here I sit.
Laura will be by to visit soon.
tomorrow I get to turn 46.
Me? 46!?!
Yes...and loving it.....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm Back!

It's been several weeks since I have posted here....
Much has taken place in those weeks too.
I had surgery to remove an axilla mass.
It was indeed benign as all the others have been too.
MEN1 is the root cause.
It was a bit more painful than I had hoped for due to the sensitive location,but well now.

Unfortunately, I now have an abcessed tooth!UGH.....must get antibiotics asap.

The day after the election I received a phone call from my sister telling me of a little dog someone had dumped off on her country road.
He is a Min-Pin/Chihuahua mix.
I told her to bring him to me! Which she did....
I named him POTUS because of the election and call him,"POE-POE"
in honor of Josh. hahaha
He is very sweet and has knitted in our family very well.
Davey is especially fond of small dogs.
Poe-Poe is missing his front,bottom teeth and I hate to think how this may have happened to him.
He will surely be treated like a prince around here!!

Last week-end we had a nice BBQ at The J's......
Mr. and Mrs. Smith came too.
I took some really good pictures tht evening.
Getting a photo of Gabe is very,very difficult!
I must admit that he comes by that quite honestly because I was that ay for a very long time.
Until I decided "to heck with it".

My birthday is coming soon.....two weeks from today I will be forty-six. wow.
I have often wondered how old I would be when I became a grandmother.Now I know.

The autumn is my favorite time of the year.
The trees are extraordinary!
Though some terrible storms and tornadoes came thru N.C. last night and wreaked havoc on some communities!
Homes were destroyed and lives were lost.
Oh, the day inwhich we live.
Maranantha,King Jesus!!!