Thursday, August 28, 2008

Baby Smiths' very first photo

This is my precious G-Baby to be!
This was taken some weeks ago.
Another photo is scheduled to be taken on September the eighth at which point the sex of the baby will be determined.
J said yesterday that right now he or she is about the size of a turnip.
I love turnips even more now.....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The storms that come our way.....

Rain,rain and more rain!
Tropical storm "Faye that won't go away" has hit our region today.
There are tornados threatening us all around.
All my "Men" have been in line with atleast one this morning.
As is my younger sister now.
Thank-you,Father for your divine protection and your Holy angels that you have charged concerning us.
Speaking of sisters.....
I just got off the phone with my long,lost sister,Becky.
She is living in San Francisco now.
It has been 15 yrs. since I have seen her.
Well......atleast until I received this photo in the mail last Wednesday.
I cried for hours.
Some tears of joy combined with sadness.
Becky sort of "left" the family 15 plus yrs. ago.
Our oldest brother,Wayne, died suddenly in 1996.
We had high hopes that the social security administration would notify her.
They said that it was a good possibility,but that they could not confirm nor deny....
Well, year after year we prayed and searched and prayed and searched.
About five years ago we got hold of an address in S.F. and began sending cards,letters and photos....still no response.
Turns out it was not her.
This year....on Saturday,March 29, 2008 I was surfing the web for old classmates....
After a good while I just typed in WHY???? I do not know!!!
Well, I DID not know......
Almost without thought I typed in my sisters' name and low and behold....
Her name,address and phone number popped up!
I could not believe my say the very least.
I said to myself and my little min pin friend who was in my lap,"Well,I just need to pray!"
I started to pray and instantly realized that there was just nothing left TO pray.
I had covered it all in prayer millions of times before.
"Just dial the number" I said to myself.
"What do you have to lose? It either IS or IS NOT her."
I dialed the number....palms sweating......
12:00 noon on the east coast for me.....9:00 a.m on the west.
"Hello?" the voice said......
"May I speak to Becky?" I asked.
"This is she......."
"My name is Barbara Smith and I am calling from North Carolina.
I am looking for my sister,Becky, any chance this is her?" I asked.
"Hey,Barbara! did you find me? I am sick."
I was in total shock!
I could hardly believe my ears.
"Is this really YOU!!!??????!!!!" I said to her.

That day will forever be remembered with me.
All the dreams I had of talking to her and catching up were suddenly....with one Holy spirit inspired phone call....coming true.
I have three way calling,so we called everyone in the family!
Now we have talked a hundred hours and I am sooooooo grateful to God for His timing.
We have seen the power of prayer in this area provide blessing upon blessing.
I am planning to go out and see her face to face as soon as The Lord says,"GO!"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Feeling a bit Blue

I went to see my rheumatologist yesterday a.m. for my bi-monthly
triggerpoint injections.
I got one closer to the spine than usual and boy-oh-boy has it been hurting me!!
I did not sleep well inspite of the painkillers and today have just been feeling a bit blue.
So, I look at this picture hanging in my bedroom and try to remind myself that spiritual life is not based on how I "feel" but rather on The Word of God!
Thank God for Jesus.......

K-9 'Duke!"

Meet K-9 Officer,"Duke."
Josh's new partner.
Isn't he a handsome fellow?
The J's and friends spent the entire week-end building his home.
Only the finest for the finest.

It has been brought to my attention that I have yet to write about the fact
that I am about to be a grandmother for the first time!!!
Due Feb.1st 2009.
Sooooooooo very excited...I am,I am!
They are to determine the sex of said child on Sept. 8th.
At which time I will be writing much more I am sure.

K-9 'Duke!"

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Searching for a Min Pin

It has become somewhat frustrating in my search for a Min Pin. dearly departed friend....left a hole in my heart that I knew would come!
She did not belong to me,but to my next door neighbor.
They are of a different culture and do not put the same value on the pets
that my conscience demands.
Ibit,that's what I called her,would come in my house at night and sleep with me.
Her family did love her too,but never kept her confined.
On my husbands' 50th b-day.....April 11th 08....Ibit was hit by a car and died in my arms! OHHHH the agony.
She is buried with the others in my back yard.
One Rottweiller,one cat and her.
I never thought I needed a small dog.
I am a big dog,horse type woman.....
But,Ibit showed me that I do,indeed, need a Min Pin.
Have been searching Craigs List and Pet finder and adoption places,but so far nothing.
I know in my heart that The Lord will provide the perfect pet in His time.
Afterall, I do not want one outside of His will.
Been-there-done-that-had the sons face stiched up!

Late night cookout

Had a nice time at The J's last night!
It was cool enough outside for me to wear a sweater with my shorts.
Met Josh's new K-9 partner for the first time.
A beauty of a dog.
Pictures were too dark to post.
Will get more today,maybe.
One of Josh's good friends and one of Fuquays' finest dropped by all badged up.
Davey seemed to be in a better mood.
It was fun.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


People often ask me why I call my husband,Davey,"Do."?
I "Do" not know hahaha
I just "Do".LOL

Getting started

I've gotten some photos up now.
Much easier than I had anticipated.
I see where this can become addictive!
Oh....the endless possibilities.

A new beginning starts today......

Today I begin blogging!

I new friend in Florida has inspired me to do so.

So here I go........

A pretty calm Saturday.

Davey..that is my working as he does each Saturday.

Mondays he is off work.

No one here except me, my dog,Roxie, my cat,Smitty, and the beta fish. His name is King.

Davey calls him,"Sam" Sam-e-nella!

But his name is King.

My grandpup,Ellie-Mae went home last night.

She is an English Bull dog and a complete joy in my life!!

My son is a K-9 police officer and his beautiful wife is a critical care nurse.

When they both work nights Ellie spends the night with me.

We always camp.

But, I did get a bit "dog'd out" this week.

Am having lots of pain.

Will go for trigger point injections Monday a.m.

Thank God for Dr. Sinclair!

She is wonderful.

She has taken good care of me for well over six years now.

I need to work more on this new blog.....

Much to learn,but just getting started is fun.